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I absolutely love that you can do a wall art item, funny versions and serious awards types. All in the name of disc golf.


I will try to show as wide a variety of wall art or wall hanging items as I can below to give you an idea as to what you could order as a custom piece too.

You see I can do a paper-style poster. I can do a wrapped type of box canvas print too. I can do a box canvas with a frame. I can even do a metal cut-out sign style of wall art.

And then the next part is that most of these options come from about 20 different suppliers and each one can be in 20 different sizes.

Hectic huh?

To be very honest, the biggest restriction is your budget.

Also, I think that $60.00 on a hoodie is fine – we all spend that – but for a piece of amazing wall art, a bigger budget will still be worth it.

(A quick story here – My wife saw a very large wall hanging and told me how much she loves it. So I looked at it and realised that I could duplicate it very easily and I told her that. She grins at me and says, OK, do it. I did a quick calculation in my head and then told her it was likely going to be about $400.00. It turns out that she was not as enthusiastic about it as I thought. Funny.)

Please look at the designs and options I have here below.

If you find one you love – order it.

If you feel that you need a customized version, email me and we can get the ball rolling. rob(at) countrydesign.ca.

Nice chat! We can do it again any time.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot. Box canvas wrap art is very important to me as far as quality goes. I really mean this because I am an artist first and over the years have seen good and bad canvas stuff. I even used to stretch my own canvasses. (mine were borderline bad, but saved me money at the time. This was far back in the mists of time – 2008).

Anyway, I actually ordered one to see how good it was. It was perfectly good enough. I will try to remember to post a pick of it here.

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