YOUR Boston Terrier Related Products and Services here on my site.

See a list below for some of the things that I am looking to add as a service to this site.

Do you have a product or service relating to dogs or Boston Terriers?

If so there is a high chance I would feature it here on this site.

Here are some examples of what I am looking for…

Art skills.

If you can draw or paint portraits of people’s Bostons for them as a paid service, I would love to feature your products here.

If you are using software for this, it is fine, but I would prefer you to state that in your service description.

Manufactured Items.

This would be things like making dog jackets or personalizing dog collars, dog toys and more.

Hand made dog tags, or jewelry for dogs (is that a thing?)

Dog beds, dog kennels, dog crates, and more.

I do not suggest that you just pop over to Aliexpress and try to list items from there on my site. It has to be something that ONLY you can supply.


If you have a course on dog training or anything at all that is digital but still related to Boston Terriers then I will happily add it to the site.

Is there a cost to you for listing your services?

It is FREE to list your products or services and all I ask is a percentage commission from each sale. We will discuss those details in an online meeting when we set this all up.


Contact me to start discussing the details

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