Boston Terrier Health

This page is going to be all about the health and happiness of your Boston Terrier.

If you are an expert in any aspect of Boston care please contact me so we can set up a way for you to share your skills and expertise here on this site.

The type of experts I am looking for to become editors or experts on this site…

Pure medical health experts

You do not need to be a veterinarian but would need to have extensive knowledge and skills relating to all pet medical problems.

I will encourage people to ask questions that you could hopefully answer with real facts that will help everyone.

This will be for a lot of different issues, like shin conditions, eye problems, and even weird things like what to put on my dog’s paws if I am going to try to walk them in snow conditions. Things like this are what I am hoping to generate solutions that are safe for your Bostons.

Boston Terrier Diet Experts.

Yes, I know. I spoil mine a lot. They know that a simple look will get me out of my chair and off to the snack-jar. But I would love to know real details.

I am forever looking up what they can and cannot eat. (I have just finished a delicious piece of chocolate cake and never gave them any at all)

Knowing that I can call upon you – as an expert – would help me publish really good nutritional advice here for other Boston owners to follow too.

Other Boston Experts.

I cannot think of specific groups to create here, but this would be advice for (legal) breeders, advice on skincare for dogs, advice on ticks and fleas, advice on mosquitoes, advice on tap water, advice on breathing solutions, advice on no-pull harnesses.

Advice on air travel, advice on crates, dog training for Boston’s.

Can you help? Please?

What do you get out of this?

That is a good question. Other than obvious exposure as an expert, you would get back-links to your own products and sites.

I would consider discussing other benefits if you can think of any. For example, we could (all of us, once the site is established) do a product or service “bundle-Give-Away” or something similar for a marketing drive. There are many possibilities.

How will I feature all this?

Each new post will get published and featured in categories for visitors to find easily.

Big – or popular – ones will get a video done on the Youtube channel and all will get extensive social media coverage.


Please contact me HERE

If you use this contact form to send me your initial details we can then set up an online meeting to start to sort out details to start getting your posts set up and published.

Thank You



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