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Scroll down! (OK – So, if you actually scroll down, all you are going to find right now are the shop items. I found out – while setting up this page – that I do not actually have any blog posts yet.

Why don’t you send me a story that I can publish for all of us to enjoy?

A very Important Comment

If you read the details on the home page, you will now know that this site is alive because of my love for Boston Terriers.

BUT, it is not my core income site, and that is how it should be, and for that reason, I might “neglect” adding daily content to the site because I will be chasing my tail on another of my sites.

I tell you this not just because I get some perverse joy out of being silly-honest, but to remind you of one thing.

If you can still see this Comment – Duh!, you are reading it – right? – then the prices in the shop section below are all 2 years old.

I only worked on this site setting up the designs you can see in the shop section below for 2 weeks back at the beginning of 2019.

AND, now that I am back to revive the site by sending a constant trickle of traffic to it, I have not yet gone and made the prices current.

Therefore, amongst the items in the shop, you will find TWO things.

Prices that are too low and out of date, but that I will still honor while I edit everything, AND links and buy buttons that do not work. Sorry about that.

I will start to edit and fix them one by one – so firstly, enjoy lower than normal prices, and secondly, if you try to order and the links do not work, please use the contact form and tell me all about it there. That will also help me find the broken ones.

Cool puppies!

Thanks – Rob

PS (This edit was done 5 seconds after publishing the above comment) I see that I also did some products and designs that I would never do today, now that I have 2 more years of experience in Print-On-Demand. By that, I mean that some of those items worked out expensive back then, and I now know to not do those products. Therefore a lot of those all-over-print designs will be removed for simpler and far cheaper versions sometime in the future. My bad LOL.

PPS, Perhaps this is not the place to mention this fact, but my core business online is in fact teaching people how to do all this and actually earn an income from it, so if you would like to know more – email me, and I will give you a few links and a freebie or two. 

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