Boston Terrier

I probably reached out to you via email to come and look at this Boston Terrier site, for three reasons that you will read about below.

Boston Terrier Health

I am looking for experts on all health aspects related to Boston Terriers. Their food, their medical conditions, and more. Please click the link to read more about that on the details page.

Boston Terrier Services

Do you have a product or service related to Boston Terriers – Even if it is palm-reading LOL.  Please click the link to read more about that on the details page.

Bostie Stories

This is going to be a fun page. 100% your stories about your Bostons, about how much you love them – just pics, or full stories and videos – your choice.

The Story of This Boston Terrier Website

I want to tell you about how and why this website came to exist.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter much in the overall scheme of things, so you could just use the links above to go see what I have put together so far.

My History – I have been doing online marketing for around 12 years now. Fulltime.

Most of that was related to small business ideas, Crafting people, and building websites, and doing SEO.

And then this happened – Back in 2018, I was involved in a bad 2 hour home invasion. It changed my life by gifting me with PTSD and Fibromyalgia. I found that I was not coping with stress very well, and struggled to work with clients at all. I spent 2 months choosing the perfect way for someone with fibromyalgia to earn a living.

Print-on-demand (POD) was the winning method and I got started on the AndersonGiftStore. It was going to be my future.

I got started with this website – It was originally going to be a general “gifts for him” and a “gifts for her” site.

But it quickly started to focus on Boston Terrier products and gift ideas.

I worked on this site for 2 weeks full time at the start of January 2019. Then one day, I realized that I could and should help other people with Fibromyalgia sort out the how-do-I-make-money issue. I totally abandoned working on this site and went off and built a 400 video training site helping people (with issues) make money online. It was also a good therapy tool for myself too.

Time moved on – I sold everything in South Africa and moved to Canada. We needed to live in a country where we felt safe and secure. I was very well supported by my family and have been slowly recovering, one day at a time.

The Boston Terrier site resurrected. – We now get to this point in time. I have reached a point where I am far more able to manage an almost normal daily work ethic. But I still would rather not have clients as they add a stress level that I plan to avoid.

I started doing woodwork again (ask me about that website)

So I sat and looked at all the websites I owned. I had around 15 websites. I removed around 10 of them – gone forever – and plan to focus on three things. They are all things I love doing – I believe that is vital for happiness.

ONE – Woodworking, I will make furniture and signs – I use recycled wood for this business and am loving it so much.

TWO – Helping people make money online – I always loved helping people, and do tend to focus on two types these days. small business startups for makers and crafters, and then people with health conditions.

I will drive traffic (interest) to these sites via social media and email marketing. All of which I will then teach them how to do that too.

THREE – Boston Terriers.

The two bosties we own are a massive part of my life.

They love unconditionally, they are company and they are therapy for me too. Coupling this with the fact that I would still enjoy the creative side of Print On Demand, I decided to re-start the Boston site. I will start by recruiting others to help me and to share the benefits of being on this site. See the link above for more about this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via the contact page.

Happy days!



We’ve Got The Health of YOUR Boston Covered


We are looking for experts on Dog food and treats - So we can publish your information. Contact us Please


We are looking for experts on Dog health - So we can publish your information. Contact us Please


We want to share YOUR personal Boston terrier Stories. See the link at the top od this page.